Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Everybody,
Ahem. I gotta get used to this whole blogging thing. So I've been sitting here thinking to myself, Aubrey, you need to start writing in some form or another. Then I said, myself, blogging would be the best thing to do. So here I am! I've also thought about what I'm going to write about. So I chose my favorite subject in the whole wide world. My relationship! Boy do I love my boyfriend, Matthew Dickey. He's the bees knees!
    Alright so I look slightly drunk and a little angry in this picture, but there are better to come, I promise.
Well, I guess I'll start with how we met. Matt and I met on a cold winters day when a group of our friends decided to go over to his house to drink and be merry. Just let me tell you about the first few times I came to his house.
   Matt lived in the basement of his parent's house, and they had some pets. I love animals and this is not usually a problem for me, however, his two dogs were like the things you saw on "The Hulk" after some cute little canines bust into these green ravaging monsters! So, needless to say I was terrified of them at first. I didn't realize they were just trying to protect their family! I always had Matt come upstairs and escort me through the kitchen and down the stairs of his house.
     I had a lot of fun times in Matt's basement. It became the party place for most of my friends. We played Rock Band, Mario, Halo, and several card games. Most of these nights were quite fueled with alcohol seeing as how we were young and irresponsible.
     I have many memories of what a great friend Matt was. We hung out a lot with our group of friends and he became someone I could really talk to and connect with. Over the years my boyfriends came and go, but Matt stuck around, as my friend and now as my lover. I couldn't be happier where life has led us. It's the best feeling being in a relationship with your best friend. I never get tired of hanging out with him. In fact, I miss him when one of us is at work and can't come home for lunch.
   After several years of being friends, I developed feelings for Matt at a Linkin Park concert.

    Yeah, it's kind of a badly placed photo but that's us waiting in line for the concert with our friends, Walker and Nate. This concert was so much fun! Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands as well as Matt's and we rocked out pretty good! We're planning on going to another concert of theirs this year!
   It was a great concert and we were great friends! That's what I said to myself when the feelings started coming up because I was in a relationship at the time.
   Several months later my relationship ended, and I was crushed. I had been with Levi for three years and I had never really been single before. When Matt finally got the courage and came forward and told me his feelings for me, I returned the feelings, and we weren't exactly very sure where to go from there. I had just ended a long relationship and I wasn't sure I wanted Matt to just be the "rebound" guy. There was also the added pressure that he was going to leave soon for Texas to work at Vivint and install security systems. He was going to be gone for the whole summer! So, even though it broke both of our hearts, he left and I was left to clean up the mess I had made of my life.
Matt had a great summer with his boys! Here's a few pictures!

    I moved in with one of my best friends at the time, Cecilia, and a few months later our friend Roxy decided to join us. Man, we had some fun, crazy, alcohol filled nights. I think it was my way of feeling single and free for some time and I now feel so grateful that I did it. I don't think I could EVER do it again, because let me tell you something about myself: I am a serial monogamist. Before then, I had never gone a month without being in a relationship. Probably cuz I'm so hot? Haha Just kidding. But really, these girls helped me a lot during this lonely, confusing time in my life and they will forever be my friends because of it. Also, one of my besties, Mr Clay Conlon, helped me through SO much. He and I were at similar points in our life and I truly believe he needed me as much as I needed him. One night, I will share the picture of the beforehand shenanigans, we all ended up passed out in my bed together. Never mind that there were two other beds in the house, we just had to share mine that night.
 Clay, Roxy, Me, and Cecilia. One CRAZY night!

     During this summer, Matt and I would Skype quite a bit. It was June 21st, 2011, that we finally decided enough is enough and we want to be together. Well, not physically together, because we still had the whole summer to hurdle before we could see each other again. But I realized I didn't want to be lonely anymore when someone this WONDERFUL that cared for me so much was asking so patiently to love me.
   A great thing about this time in our relationship is we talked A LOT. We really got to know each other whereas I think if he had been home all this time, we wouldn't have talked so much and our relationship would have been built on other things, one of them being SEX. I am so grateful we took our time and really fell in love before sex became a part of our relationship.
   Something really cool was that my roommate, Roxy, was also dating a guy that went out to Texas for the summer with Matt. So Roxy would Skype with Walker, and I with Matt, and sometimes we'd share and talk to them both at once. It was so wonderful having another girl there going through the same thing as me in her relationship. We kept each other from missing them too much, and when we did, we'd talk about it. We'd talk about all the fun things we were going to do with them when they got home. So when Matt text me and said they were coming home early, I decided to surprise Roxy. The boys drove separately and Walker arrived at the house first. I will never forget the look on Roxy's face when she saw Walker for the first time after so long. She was so shocked she didn't know whether to hug him or slap him!
   It was about an hour later that Matt came home. It was a day in early July, but I can't remember the exact date. I didn't wait for him to come to the door, instead I threw myself at him as he was walking up the steps. We nearly fell over. I don't know if it was from the force of my body hitting his or (this is going to sound cheesy) the force of our happiness to see each other and the desire we had just to touch one another was unlike anything I had ever experienced before! It was an amazing and beautiful moment that I will forever cherish and remember fondly.

    Well, I think that's it for now. I'll save the rest for another blog!

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