Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Friends!
So on the last post I left off at when Matt came home from Texas. It was a very VERY happy time! We had such a fun rest of the summer! Here are some pictures of us doing stuff together!
 This is a picture of my family's property at Sunridge, Utah. It's a GORGEOUS place and we always have so much fun when we go up there! There is no cell service, but it's nice to "get away from it all". There's some awesome wildlife up there too! My grandma feeds the ground squirrels anything and everything and they're so tame, we can pet them while they eat out of a peanut butter jar!
Here we are at the massive flower field that is right by Moose Lake up at the property! It's beautiful up there!
I love this picture Matt took! It really captures the serenity of Moose Lake!
   I'm so glad Matt was able to come home early last summer. We still had to work a lot but we were able to do lots of fun things together! In August, one of Matt's best friends, Chris Sekot, got married.
Here's Matt, Nate, Walker, and Chris at the wedding! I believe Alayna is peeking out the back there too!
   Something that we did this summer that wasn't exactly fun was we helped with a benefit variety show and auction for my friend, Shea Liston.
  When I found out Shea had colon cancer, and was given 18 months to live, I was so shocked. I grew up with Shea. We went to high school together and were in a theater troupe together. I have many fond memories of Shea, she is like an older sister to me. She also has one of the most AMAZING families. I call her mom and dad my "Palace Parents" because they always helped out with our high school theater troupe "Palace Playhouse". Her little brother, Brandon, is also someone I consider as one of my best friends and little brother.
   Even though I wasn't necessarily close friends with Shea anymore, we'd grown up and apart as friends often do, I wanted to help her family out in some way. So I donated my time and sold tickets to the variety show. I never knew I could cry so much in my life and still feel so much love in one room. There were so many people there to help the Liston family, and I will cherish that memory for the rest of my life. I love you Shea.
Here's all the Palace kids that were at the benefit, not so much kids anymore. It's awesome that we have such great friends that came together at a time like this. Out of all the pictures we took in Palace, and trust me there were a lot, I think this is my favorite. We weren't doing a show, we weren't on our way to Shakespeare competition, we were just there to show our love and devotion to our friend and her family.
    That summer was filled with fun times and not so fun times, Matt and I grew as people and our relationship grew. In October, we went on our first vacation together! We went to Las Vegas, Nevada with a group of friends!
 Here we are outside of a hotel waiting for a cab! In this picture is Walker and Roxy, our friend Corey, and another cute couple, Ryan and Amanda.
 We went to Penn and Teller's Show and got to stand next to and get pictures with them both! Isn't Penn freaking tall?! Matt's a tall guy and he towers over him!
 Everyone thinks Teller is so short because he's always standing next to Penn!
    In December I made the (bad) decision to sew pajama pants for everyone for Christmas gifts!
Also in December Matt and I decided to start looking for a place to live together. We found a cute two bedroom apartment here in Brigham and moved in! I have not regretted it since! I love living with Matt and waking up to his smiling face everyday! Over time we have decorated and made the place ours!
Here's our cute little canoe shelf in our living room! It is probably my favorite piece of furniture we own.
   Ok, so I just had a horrible realization! I have left a HUGE part of me and Matt's relationship out of this blog until now! And that's our adorable kitties, Coon Dewson and Archimedes Brian!
 This is our eldest baby, Cooner-doo! He is part EVERYTHING but he's mostly Calico and Maine Coon!
This is our baby kitten Archi after the old snip-snip! The vet said he was a sweet little guy! He is a Burmese.
 Here they are back at the girl's house chilling on the couch!
 They really are best friends now! I love these little fur balls soo much! Don't know what I'd do without them!

   Well, I think I will leave off there. Gotta leave on the cute cat note! lol


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